iFlowers for the iPhone

2-17-10 Flowering Currant on the Bayview Trail at Point Reyes. The thread of trail from Inverness Ridge to Muddy Hollow may be the best place in Marin for this magnificent early-flowering shrub. Today, giddy with spring sun, I found hundreds of them, the biggest 8 feet high and nearly as wide, garlanded in pink.

So far, the pictures on this blog have all been taken with an iPhone, then mailed to my computer. Why? Ease. The phone is always in my pocket, wherever I am, and it has admirable depth of field. But it certainly has limitations: highlights get blasted out at the slightest excuse; it’s hard to tell when detail is sharp (until you download the picture); and, as in the shot above it tends to create halo around brightest flowers. Its 3/16 inch lens is frustratingly hard to clean.

For $20, I got a simple slip-on case made by Griffin that has a slide-in-place close-up lens that gets me within about 5 inches of my subject. I use that a lot, as you can see.

I have several photographic apps on the phone that could give me a little more control and a Gorillapod mini-tripod Jenny gave me for Christmas . . . but I haven’t started using them yet. Generationally challenged? Maybe.  🙂

My photographer/backpacker daughter Martha, who’s superb at capturing flowers–usually in the High Sierra–has promised to guest blog here sometime soon. Maybe her much more polished shots will shame me into hanging my camera around my neck when I venture out. Meantime, I’ll be all iPhone, all the time.



  1. Mary Chapman said,

    February 24, 2010 at 1:01 am

    I’m so impressed with the quality of your i-photos and so happy to have you helping me identify some of the beauties I’ve seen.
    Thank you.

    • billnoble said,

      February 24, 2010 at 1:14 am

      And I’m at least as delighted that you got brave enough to comment. Hi, Mary! Come flower hiking with us sometime soon, willya?

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